Thank you so much indeed for visiting our web site.
I am an accountant in Gifu city and I cover around Tokai Area.
(Tokai Area = Aichi(Nagoya), Gifu, Mie Prefecture)

I lived in London for several months and still continue to learn English.
If you need an accountant but worry about speaking Japanese,
Please do not hesitate to contact me IN ENGLISH.

Mail : info@office-haba.com

We have several clients who come from foreign countries.
(USA,Canada,France,Germany etc…)

I still can’t speak English fluently but I have confidence to help your business using English.
I am really looking forward to working with you.

Tatsuhiko Haba

About Our Office

President Tatsuhiko Haba
(Certified Public Accountant/Tax Consultant)
Adress 〒500-8057 21,Kamitake-cho,Gifu-city,Gifu-prefecture,Japan.
E-mail info@office-haba.com
Business hours 9:00~17:00

LINE ID:@785iljcz
Chatwork ID:thaba1125


Year/Month Biography
1986/11 Born in Gifu city
2005/3 Graduated from Gifu high school
2009/3 Graduated from Nagoya University(Economics department)
2010/12 – 2013/12 Worked at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Nagoya Office
2014/2 – 2014/8 Stayed in London,UK to learn English
2014/8 – 2014/9 Traveled in Europe, 15 countries
2014/10 – 2016/12 Worked at Ishida Accounting Office in Nagoya
2017/1 Established Haba Accounting Office


・Establishing Business or Corporation
・Accounting support
・Submitting Tax documentations
・Income or Corporate Tax returns
・Tax consultation
・Assistance during tax investigations from tax office